Laura Matthews Photography welcomes a new class of extraordinary rising seniors each spring for a year of exclusive themed photo sessions, fun, and friendship! The VIPteam is a merit based program with membership rewarded to passionate, genuine, and kind rising seniors. Over the last 6 years, Laura has gifted over $77,000 in photography services and products to VIPteam members over the last 6 years!

VIPteam applicants are required to:

1. Choose Laura Matthews as their only photographer for senior portraits. Members may not be photographed by or promote another photographer for the duration of their membership. 

2. Possess a passionate and caring heart. Volunteer experience outside of school is highly encouraged!

3. Possess a love of social media and sharing images! 

VIPteam members must invest in The Senior Experience and secure their membership with a $200 retainer and session agreement. Exclusive photo sessions, digital images, team apparel, and product discounts are FREE to VIPteam members! 

The most coveted full-year senior portrait experience!